Date: 30th of June
Time: 1:00 pm EST
Price: 0.075 ETH

Note: You may only purchase a maximum of 20 Manekis per one transaction

  • We strongly recommend buying with a desktop / laptop using Metamask. While we have tested mobile, it is more likely to encounter errors.
  • The community expects this sale will be sold out quickly. Be aware that some people may miss out. We care about the community so please factor that into your decision of whether to purchase ETH just to buy in the Lucky Maneki sale. …

If this is your first taste of the Lucky Maneki universe, then strap in — it’s a treasure trove of beautiful art, and unique & individual NFTs, as well as a creative space to share ideas, memes and build connections with other Maneki fans across the world!

Firstly, let me introduce you to the universe of Luckeania. Luckeania is a magical plane of wild deserts, bustling metropolises, foaming seas and interplanetary travel. It is a beautiful universe of fun and intrigue. No one quite knows where or how the first Manekis came into existence, but it is clear that these…

The story behind the luckiest NFT collection created on Ethereum blockchain.

Luckeania is a magical domain where the energies of luck and good fortune originate. The landscapes of Luckeania span deserts and vibrant cities, forests and open seas, ethnic patterns and interplanetary portals. These are the lands Manekis call home.

Luck works in mysterious ways; no one knows exactly how the first Manekis came to be, although it’s evident that they are deeply connected to the creative forces that imbue the Luckeania borders. …

Lucky Maneki

Beautiful art collectibles with generous rewards. The luckiest NFT collection created on Ethereum blockchain.

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