How to Buy a Lucky Maneki NFT

Lucky Maneki
2 min readNov 17, 2021
Maneki Gang NFT
Maneki Gang NFT

Congrats! You did the hard part — finding an NFT project that interests you and joining that community’s Discord channel. Follow this step-by-step guide on how to purchase your first Lucky Maneki NFT:

First off to clarify…what’s an NFT?

It’s a Non-fungible token or in other words it’s a totally unique digital file. In this case, the Lucky Maneki NFT Collections are a dope piece of valuable art! When you own a Maneki, that means you are granted an unlimited, worldwide, exclusive, license to use, copy, and display the purchased art for commercial use. Oh by the way, owning a Maneki NFT also makes you part owner of the Lucky Maneki brand, learn more on the Lucky Maneki website.

Where do I store my NFT?

NFTs are stored in a decentralized Blockchain. In this case Maneki NFTs are in the Ethereum Blockchain. A Blockchain is a network to store cryptocurrencies.

What do I need to buy a Maneki NFT?

3 things:

  1. A Metamask Wallet
  2. Ether (ETH) cryptocurrency
  3. An account

Let’s break this down…

  1. Download Metamask for iOS, Android and/or on your web browser. When you create your Metamask wallet, it’s going to give you a 12-word code that is totally unique for your account. Do NOT share this code with anyone! Write it down on good old pen and paper and keep it somewhere safe. If you forget this 12-word code, you’ll be locked out of your Metamask account.
  2. Go to “Buy” on your Metamask account to deposit money and convert it into ETH. The conversion rate for USD to ETH or other currencies to ETH varies. You can calculate an estimate here. Be aware that there are “transaction fees” and “network fees” each time you do this.
  3. Go to “Browser” on your Metamask account and type in “” Then you can connect with your Metamask wallet.
  4. Browse both of the Maneki Collections on and pick your first NFT!
Lucky Maneki NFT
Lucky Maneki NFT

Still confused? Watch this video:



Lucky Maneki

Beautiful art collectibles with generous rewards. The luckiest NFT collection created on Ethereum blockchain.