If this is your first taste of the Lucky Maneki universe, then strap in — it’s a treasure trove of beautiful art, and unique & individual NFTs, as well as a creative space to share ideas, memes and build connections with other Maneki fans across the world!

Firstly, let me introduce you to the universe of Luckeania. Luckeania is a magical plane of wild deserts, bustling metropolises, foaming seas and interplanetary travel. It is a beautiful universe of fun and intrigue. No one quite knows where or how the first Manekis came into existence, but it is clear that these mysterious creatures are closely connected to the mystifying creative forces that reside in Luckeania. The original 40 Manekis are the most closely tied to these forces and they bring untold luck and fortune to those who collect them. All Manekis that came to be after the original 40 have inherited some of this luck and over the years Manekis have developed activities and games to entertain themselves and their collectors: raffles and games play a large role in Luckeania.

Luckeania is where the Lucky Maneki reside, explore and thrive. 14,159 Maneki’s exist, each of which is unique: every single Maneki is made up of a vast array of traits and properties.

These crafty Manekis have many disguises and distinguishable features, from the more obvious backgrounds and accessories recognised by many, right down to ultra fine whiskers and hair splitting fur patterns that only the most curious of cats will see. Every Maneki is made up of 412 potential lucky properties, no two are the same; these properties will help collectors and traders establish the value of each Lucky Maneki.

There are different levels of rarity for each Maneki, these have an assigned level of uniqueness. For example: background, body type, head type and the paw-items all have different levels of rarity. This means that certain combinations of items can give you rarer (and more valuable) Manekis. Furthermore, there are separate categories within these elements, giving each Maneki more and more unique traits. These rarity subcategories are important for working out each Maneki’s traits and value — they are super detailed and often cross over, providing a massive number of combinations. It will be down to the Maneki collector and fan community to identify these so get yourself over to the Lucky Maneki Discord to be at the forefront of this discovery. Some Lucky Manekis bear resemblance to their human counterparts, so be sure to keep your eyes peeled for humanoid Manekis while exploring Luckeania!

Collecting these Manekis opens up an entire world of possibilities, the sheer volume of traits available makes this an intriguing prospect. You can collect and trade to get the traits you want, you can collect for future value, or just grab the Lucky Manekis you love on the secondary market (the original sale is blind!) There is such diversity amongst Luckeania, there will be a Lucky Maneki that everyone wants.

As well as the incredibly exciting collectable opportunity, Lucky Manekis are committed to the community. By getting involved with Luckeania’s NFTs, you will be able to decide with the community what happens with this ETH! The Manekis have established the Lucky Bank, which collects 5% of all transactions, which are deposited into a safe box. The contents of which are to be spent on initiatives chosen by you, the community! For the latest on Lucky Bank and the community work, be sure to hop on the Lucky Maneki Discord, it is the place to be if you want to be first to hear.

The Lucky Maneki Discord channel is a really important resource, whether you’re a fan, a collector or if you’re just interested in NFTs. It is a great space to discuss art, lore and much more. Not only that, but it’s the best place to find out all the latest happenings in the Lucky Maneki world!

Overall, Lucky Maneki is one of the most exciting NFT projects on the blockchain. The huge variety of NFTs available and the way that they are different from one another is groundbreaking — Lucky Maneki have curated a universe where anything is possible and the Manekis that inhabit the world are all so different and rare, each one is more exciting than the last. There is a community to boot, a growing Twitter following and a thriving Discord are bringing Lucky Maneki to the forefront of the NFT world!

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Beautiful art collectibles with generous rewards. The luckiest NFT collection created on Ethereum blockchain.

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Lucky Maneki

Beautiful art collectibles with generous rewards. The luckiest NFT collection created on Ethereum blockchain.