The Lucky Maneki NFT Family Tree

Original Epic Manekis
Original Epic Manekis

Whether you’re already a member of the Lucky Maneki Gang or are curious to learn more, here’s a breakdown of the Lucky Maneki Family that all reside in the mystical land of Luckeania.

This is where it all began… from the unforgiving desert to the vast cosmos, Epic Manekis roam with impressive luck. No one is sure of their origin story, but we do know that there are only 40 Epic Manekis. They possess the most power because all of their traits are perfectly aligned. Head, body, background and accessories have all come together in harmony.

Original Lucky Maneki NFT

14,119 Manekis inherited the lucky forces of their Epic ancestors, but in a wide variety of traits and properties! There are 410 unique properties and they are broken down into categories: explicit rarities and implicit rarities. Explicit rarities are detailed on each NFT and are visible to all collectors. Implicit rarities must be found with a careful attention to detail in the beautiful and diverse artwork. Manekis are available for sale on the secondary market: Browse & Buy Manekis

These fierce cats are extremely tricky to coax out of their hiding places. But if successful, they are sure to bring good fortune to their collector. A collector must act accurately and quickly in a Legendary Challenge. Only the first few to complete the Legendary Challenge will acquire these Manekis’ good fortune. Legendary Challenges are typically announced every 1–2 months on the Lucky Maneki’s Discord and website. View Legendary Prizes

Rare Manekis are sneaky like their Legendary cousins, but are relatively easier to win. Rare prizes were won through a randomized raffle after collectors complete the requirements of a Rare Challenge. The latest Rare Manekis were won after collectors with the matching required traits competed in a single elimination tournament. You can see the results of the battle in the #tournaments discord channel. View Rare Prizes

Lucky Maneki Pirate Treasure Quest

Argh, what’s the magic word? That’s the question to answer if you want Pirate Maneki’s treasure! The cunning feline has a treasure chest that can only be opened with a secret key phrase. The answer is encrypted in the art collection; more details coming soon.

Maneki Gang Avatar NFT Collection

Say hello to the newest member of the Maneki Family! There were 11,358 minted Maneki Avatars. Randomized, free minting (not including gas) ran from August 23 thru 30, 2021. For every Maneki a collector owned, they earned 1 minted Avatar. So what’s their story? Think Original Manekis, but designed as a true Profile Picture (PFP). There are 8 total different traits: background, clothes, collar, eyes, hat, mouth, paw and skin. Also make sure to take your Maneki Gang to the new community Discord Photo Booth for fun skin and background customizations. Examples are Halloween themed and Super Nintendo 16-bit skins. Browse & Buy Avatars

Our knowledge of the build, look and powers of Manekis is about to expand soon. Consider expanding your collection so you can be a part of the fire Voxel Collection. The Lucky Maneki Community has hired a Voxel artist @Hippow, who already released an initial mock-up in the community Discord. For every 3 Manekis you own, you will get to mint 1 Voxel Maneki. This is a free, randomized mint (not including gas).

These Manekis will be used for a Play-to-Earn Game that will be released after the Voxel Collection. The design of the game will be a battle kart with the Maneki’s raised paw being able to throw items and take on awesome superpowers. Start your engines, more details will be shared in the Lucky Maneki Discord channel.



Beautiful art collectibles with generous rewards. The luckiest NFT collection created on Ethereum blockchain.

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Lucky Maneki

Beautiful art collectibles with generous rewards. The luckiest NFT collection created on Ethereum blockchain.