The story behind the luckiest NFT collection created on Ethereum blockchain.

Luckeania is a magical domain where the energies of luck and good fortune originate. The landscapes of Luckeania span deserts and vibrant cities, forests and open seas, ethnic patterns and interplanetary portals. These are the lands Manekis call home.

Luck works in mysterious ways; no one knows exactly how the first Manekis came to be, although it’s evident that they are deeply connected to the creative forces that imbue the Luckeania borders. The original 40 Epic Manekis are most touched by the said forces, and they bring exceptional luck to its collectors.

Manekis that came after the original Epic Manekis inherited some of their lucky properties. These properties are encountered with different frequencies throughout the Maneki population.

Over the course of time, Manekis devised several activities to keep themselves entertained and would like to get its collectors to play with them. It is thought that Manekis are the real inventors of raffles and all games that reward the lucky participants.


Each and every Maneki is created differently from over 300 potential lucky properties. These include various backgrounds, faces, bodies, items, and hidden messages. Some properties are apparent and others are tough to identify and only a sharp eye and inquisitive mind can spot them. The discovery of these various properties helps establish the true value of each Maneki.

There are multiple layers or rarity embedded in the Lucky Maneki collection. First comes the explicit rarity. These are the broad groupings of Maneki properties that are indicated on each and every NFT and viewable by the collectors. The elements that have an assigned explicit rarity are background, body type, head type, left-paw item, and right-paw item. For example, a Podium background appears in 17.22% of all Manekis and Psychedelic one — in 3.64%. However, within each of these categories, there are many sub-categories.

Rarity subcategories represent a finer grouping on explicit rarities. These are not clearly indicated but they have a similar theme hence they are assigned the same subcategory values. Within each of these subcategories, there are implicit rarity attributes. These are the most detailed and unique variations of each of the artwork elements and these can only be determined by carefully analyzing the art in the gallery. The tricky part about Lucky Maneki rarity system is that it is not very easy to identify what is truly rare. For instance, as mentioned above Psychedelic backgrounds are much rarer than Podium ones. However, if you dig deeper, you will realize that Blue Grow background which falls in the Psychedelic category occurs in 1.49% of Manekis, and Purple Stone podium only occurs in 0.46% of cases even though it is part of the more frequent Podium category.

Rewards & Charity

There are 3 types of lucky activities that Manekis came up with and brought with them to this NFT collection. Each of these activities has a specific Maneki in charge of its day-to-day operation.

Lucky Raffles

A stealthy, cunning and agile Maneki is constantly striving to reward collectors for participation in the project. He is known by many names, but his telltale clothes and looks give him away as the Robin Hood of the Luckeania.

He decided to randomly choose a lucky collector after every 30 purchases and send them some ETH (a percentage of all ETH collected from these 30 purchases). He is committed to run his raffles until the end of the sale.He also asked us to mention that the more Manekis are acquired in a single transaction, the more chances the collector’s wallet will be the winning one. To ensure the integrity of the Lucky Raffle, Robin Hood Maneki is using a third-party random number generator.

Lucky Chest

All Manekis bring luck and prosperity to the collectors but they all do it in different ways. Some decide to engage in outright risky activities such as piracy to amass real treasure and bestow it upon the most deserving collector.

The Pirate Maneki hides his treasures in an indestructible treasure chest that can only be opened providing a key phrase encrypted in the art collection. Cryptologists have been hard at work trying to figure out this key phrase, so far to no avail… The pirate promised to provide some clues to opening this chest throughout the sale though, so make sure to pay attention and keep discovering the hidden messages, and you will stand a chance to be one of the luckiest collectors. The ones who open this chest will bask in the abundance of Pirate Maneki’s treasure.

Lucky Bank

It turns out some of the Manekis look very similar to the well-known men and women that live in the real world. One of such Manekis is the manager of the Luck Bank — Jerome Luckwell.

Being in charge of this auspicious institution, he collects 5% of all transactions executed by the collectors and deposits them in a safe box. The contents of this safe box will be sent to the charity institution that Luckeania founding community will determine shortly. Any and all relevant updates on this topic will be immediately communicated to our collectors community in Discord.


Every Lucky Maneki looks unique which means they also deserve a unique name. The traits and properties of Manekis are subject to change but their name is a reflection of the originality of the collectors. It is important to mention that naming a Maneki is a serious matter; once chosen, it is permanent and immutable. All of the names must be unique so be sure to name it rather promptly to ensure your Maneki has the best name there is, it might increase the value of your Maneki.

Each Lucky Maneki becomes unique through the special creation process they go through, the last step of the said process is the naming. Every one of their traits is settled by lucky draw, and the name their first owner chooses is a reflection of this originality in the midst of randomness. Much like choosing a card from a deck, there’s no changing it once the decision is made.


Luckeania is ripe with legends and myths. Manekis believe in mystical creatures that have only been seen by a rare few.

Among those are the Lavacat Lord, Bitcoin Dragon, and many more, but their ultimate leader is believed to be the Biorobot Maneki. Our collectors have a chance to encounter these Legendary Manekis by completing carefully crafted challenges. They can only be summoned by collecting a very specific group of Manekis in the same wallet. Once the sale ends and all Manekis are distributed to the collectors, the quest for completing the challenges will begin. There will be around 40 possible ways to complete a challenge but only the lucky few will get the Legendary Maneki as the reward. Act quick and you will stand a chance to receive this Legendary reward!

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Beautiful art collectibles with generous rewards. The luckiest NFT collection created on Ethereum blockchain.

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Lucky Maneki

Beautiful art collectibles with generous rewards. The luckiest NFT collection created on Ethereum blockchain.